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“great oaks from little acorns grow.”

A British 14th century proverb.


The acorn represents the cycle of the seasons, and is the seed from oak trees. Druids believed the consumption of an acorn would help them see the future. In addition the word Druid can be translated as ‘oak knowledge’.


Like a whispered little message, when worn the acorn is a reminder of your strength and potential.


This replica acorn was made from a recycled sterling silver shell cast from a real acorn and captures all its detail. It has a beautiful rosewood nut and has a very tiny sterling silver tip to the nut. It comes with an 18 inch sterling silver trace chain. The small acorn is  approximately 14 mm long x 10mm wide and the wooden nut part is approx 10mm. It has a nice weight and falls beautifully.


The necklace is supplied with an intention notelet which explains the symbolism of the acorn which has been made from eco-friendly FSC cardboard and is presented in a Rebecca Oxenham Jewellery box.

For every sale a donation is made to One Tree Planted who plant a tree.


Rebecca Oxenham's jewellery is heavily inspired by the sea and the symbolism spirituality of nature. With the environment’s best interests at heart, Rebecca is passionate about sustainability. She uses 925 recycled sterling silver for her designs, uses FSC cardboard or recycled materials in her packaging and works with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every product purchased.


*Wood and water are no good friends, make sure to avoid contact between them. 

Acorn necklace - wood and silver

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