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Jewellery orders

All jewellery is thoroughly cleaned before being carefully packaged. There is no reported evidence of Covid-19 being passed on through the postal system.

Commission visits (when permitted)


Visits to the studio for one or two people from the same household can be made by appointment only through emailing or calling 07795 567 531. The studio will be cleaned before your arrival, and you will need to wear either a face mask or a face shield, and we will do the same.

If you are exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms ( or have otherwise been told you need to isolate please rearrange your visit by emailing

Finished commissions will be disinfected before you try them on.




In order to make workshops as safe as possible for us all during the Covid-19 outbreak the following steps have been put in to place:

  • Students will be  encouraged to wash hands regularly during the day – and of course we will be doing the same as well.

  • Face shields or face masks must be worn when students are away from their benches. Face shields are provided, but students are welcome to bring their own face coverings. We will wear a face shield or a face mask with a perspex section to make it easier for people to understand when teaching.

  • Windows will be open to allow increased ventilation - so you might want to bring a jumper when the weather turns cooler.

  • Class sizes will be limited to 6 students until PHE advice suggests otherwise. Students will sit side by side and not face to face on benches.

  • Each bench workspace will have its own set of tools and they will be cleaned before and after each workshop.

  • Tools that have to be shared will be thoroughly cleaned before and after each workshop and also by each student after they have used them. Wipes will be available for students to “top up” the cleaning during the day.

  • Tea and coffee will be provided as usual, with hand washing before it is made, plus individually wrapped biscuits and cakes to reduce the risk. As always, students will need to bring their own lunch. Lunch will be eaten at workbenches rather than together at one table to make social distancing easier.

  • As is also required by restaurants we will be keeping a record of workshop attendees in case this information is needed for COVID-19 track and tracing. As always, records will be kept confidential and safe.

  • The above Health and Safety is in addition to the usual workshop safety rules of wearing closed-toe shoes, tying long hair back and wearing goggles when firing.


Covid-19 amended workshop cancellation policy

  • If your workshop date is within 2 weeks of your email then no refunds can be given but you can move to another workshop within 6 months of your original workshop date.

  • If your workshop date is more than 2 weeks from the date of your email then a refund can be given or you can move to another workshop within 6 months of your original workshop date.

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