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The torch firing kit includes a blow torch, heatproof block and stainless steel pointed tweezers.


Jewellers  Hand Torch Butane Blow Torch

This compact, entry level butane gas jeweller's blow torch is designed for firing your jewellery or for  light soldering jobs.


The torch produces a yellow flame for gentle warming and the standard blue flame for greater heat. 


The flame can be adjusted with the same hand holding the torch, leaving the other hand free. Maximum temperature 1300°C.



Always refill and handle the torch in accordance with the included instructions, and any instructions on your butane gas canister. Warranty for 12 months under normal use.


The torch has a base, so you can put it down safely if you need to take a short break in the firing. Use with a firing block. 


Please note torch is supplied without gas. Fill with standard aerosol butane gas lighter refill (which you can buy from most supermarkets, tobacconists, hardware stores and newsagents). PLEASE NOTE: Butane gas is NOT the same as lighter fluid - you must make sure you get gas, not fluid. 

We recommend you let the torch rest and cool off a little every 10 minutes of firing.


PLEASE NOTE - You must direct the flame at a 45° angle, and with a distance of about 5 centimetres from your silver. If you do not fire at the correct angle you will cause damage to the plastic casing around the nozzle.

1x Fibre Brick - Place your Art Clay pieces on the heat proof firing block when firing with a torch. Providing you with a hard wearing, protective and non-toxic covering for your workbench, the soldering block is a long lasting surface on which to solder. Suitable for temperatures of up to 1000°C. Asbestos substitute.


1 x Tweezers - Fine pointed tips for detailed jewellery making.  Stainless steel.


1 x voucher worth £10 for a 17 page how to guide to torch firing metal clay

Torch firing kit

    • Jewellers torch
    • Fibre brick
    • Stainless steel tweezers
    • Downloadable 17 page guide to firing metal clay
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