Unsurprisingly this has been a lockdown best seller and featured on Channel 4's 'Steph's Packed Lunch' and ITV Meridian news.


Learn a new skill - all from this neat little box. Create your own unique and eco-friendly solid silver pendant necklace or earrings with this beautiful kit. No previous experience required as there is a full colour booklet included which takes you through the step by step process.


Please note that your piece of jewellery will need to be fired on a gas hob.  If you don't have a gas hob in your kitchen (or a camping stove) you will need to purchase an additional firing kit available here.


This kit includes all the tools you need to design and make your own bespoke and eco-friendly earrings or pendant necklace using the magic of silver clay. It  is presented in a beautiful little box that fits through your letterbox. 


Making eco-friendly solid silver jewellery in your PJs, from the comfort of your own home has just become possible. It is super easy, loads of fun and no experience is needed. Why not try your hand at making a unique and beautiful piece that is personal to you. You will astound your friends and family when you tell them YOU made it.


The kit comes with a booklet containing full colour step by step instructions including photos. Also included are all the materials and tools you need to get designing and making your new favourite piece of jewellery.  You will also gain access to a closed access Facebook group which includes additional supporting videos, lots of inspiration and information, and where you can ask questions.  


Unlike many other jewellery making kits on the market this contains everything you need and there are no hidden additional costs such as casting. However, if you don't have a gas hob or camping stove then you will need to buy a firing kit which is an additional £35. 


Silver clay is made from fine particles of recycled silver that fires into fine silver. Using recycled silver helps to limit the amount of metals that must be produced. This means less waste in landfills and helps slow the consumption of natural resources.


The box, tissue paper, packaging and postal wrapper are all made from recycled materials, can be recycled or are biodegradable. 


Keep and reuse this kit to make additional jewellery pieces - just add extra silver clay. Silver clay is readily available at many retail outlets so it is easy to carry on making and learning.  Alternatively you could subscribe to receive a regular supplementary project mini kits to advance your skills.  The mini kits come with additional clay, tools and materials, plus instructions to make specific items of jewellery.  These mini projects are available to buy as a one off project kit of £28 each or as a 4 month subscription priced at £25 a kit.


For each kit sold we donate to One Tree Planted allowing them to plant a tree.

Fine silver jewellery making kit